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DocFlex/XML 1.0

DocFlex/XML 1.0: Template-driven multi-format docs/reports generator by the data from XML files XSL Transformations: the templates are equivalent of XSLT scripts; the DocFlex generator is an equivalent of XSL processor. The advantage is that now, you don`t need actually to code any scripts! Almost everything can be visually programmed in the WYSIWYG form simply by using mouse and specifying properties in the designer dialogs plus the ability to immediately see the produced result. Lot of features are supported for the real project development

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XSL-FO Debugger 0.9

XSL-FO Debugger is the software for visual debugging of XSL stylesheets. It is based on Altsoft Xml2PDF formatting engine. In short, XSL-FO Debugger takes an XSL-FO file or a pair of XML and XSLT files as an input, follows XSL-FO formatting instructions and generates a PDF document as an output. The resulting PDF file may contain layers for displaying boxes (these are content box, allocation box, border box and padding box), baseline tables and breaks

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Xselerator 2.0.44: XSLT Editor with full Intellisense and tag autocomplete
Xselerator 2.0.44

XSL/XSLT element and attribute intuitive (like Intellisense or code insight) drop-downs;
* Automatic tag completion - in XSL/XSLT tag completion follows model and, optionally, fills element with mandatory attributes; * HTML element and attribute intuitive drop-downs;
* Unicode Support * Full XSL, XSLT, XML and HTML color syntax highlighting (fully customizable);
* All the usual editor capabilities (cut, copy, paste, find, replace

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TagPilgrim 2.126

TagPilgrim is a lightened editor to work with XSLT. It is designed as a handy tool that includes means necessary for fast development of XSLT stylesheets. It has following key features: - simultaneous viewing XML as well as XSLT and result of transformation; - XML, XSLT syntax checking; - errors highlighting; - XSLT elements templates; - user templates; - drag and drop; - transformation timing; - preview the results of tran

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Stylus Studio 2006: Stylus Studio 2006 XML Enterprise Edition is an advanced XML IDE
Stylus Studio 2006

XSLT 2.0 Processing: Write more robust XSLT 2.0 stylesheets and eliminate common programming mistakes, simplifying XSLT debugging and improving XSLT performance. - XML Schema-Aware XQuery 1.0 Processing: Simplify troubleshooting and XQuery debugging, and enhance XQuery code performance. - Updated XQuery Support: Stylus Studio is the first and only XML IDE to provide updated support for the W3C XQuery 1.0 Candidate Recommendation of November 2005. -

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AltovaXML 2010

XSLT 1.0 and schema-aware XSLT 2.0 engine, XQuery 1.0 engine, XBRL validator, and XML validating parser. Now developers can use the same processors and validator found in Altova`s award-winning XMLSpy, MapForce, and StyleVision XML tools within their own applications. Functions include well-formedness checking, DTD- and XML Schema-based validation, validation of XInclude and XPointer in XML documents, XML transformations via XSLT 1.0, schema-aware

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StyleVision Professional Edition 2007: Altova StyleVision 2007 Pro is the ultimate graphical XSLT stylesheet designer.
StyleVision Professional Edition 2007

XSLT stylesheet designer for graphically designing stylesheets that render eye-catching HTML output from XML or database content and produce intuitive Authentic electronic forms. StyleVision 2007 is fully standards compliant and supports XSLT 1.0, XSLT 2.0, CSS, JavaScript, and all major databases. StyleVision offers capabilities for designing advanced Web pages, including support for cascading stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript. It even has a built

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